Corporate Classes

Transform your workplace with customized fitness & wellness classes.
Inspire your team to maximize health, energy and performance.

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Invest In Employee Wellness

Studies have proven that there are numerous direct benefits of offering fitness and well being practices to employees including:

  • ○ Increased productivity & reduced turnover
  • ○ Lowered stress levels
  • ○ Increased energy & decreased fatigue
  • ○ Better posture
  • ○ Improved focus, concentration, & memory
  • ○ Improved physical & mental health

Flexible Options

Team Building

Custom classes are great for bringing everyone together. You can have one-off team events or recurring classes.

For Your Schedule

All classes are designed with busy work schedule in mind. With over 50 classes per week, there is something for everyone.


No need to pay or commit for classes beforehand. You only pay when your team take the classes.

Certified Instructors

Your team gets to pick which instructors they prefer. We can also match you with the best instructor for your classes.

Customized Classes

We provide classes specifically for your organization. Everything about the class is custom and unique to your organization. Our instructors provide a range of fitness and wellness classes, seminars and workshops.

  • ○ Total Body Strength
  • ○ Core
  • ○ Barre
  • ○ Pilates
  • ○ HIIT
  • ○ Circuit
  • ○ Zumba
  • ○ BollyX
  • ○ Yoga
  • ○ Restorative
  • ○ Yoga Flow
  • ○ Power Yoga
  • ○ Stretching
  • ○ Meditation
  • ○ Mindful Movement
  • ○ Chair / Desk Yoga

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